Our History

Founded in 1954 by Mr. Chow Fook Bun and two of his business partners, Nansen Trading has been an agent and distributor specializing in importing, exporting and wholesaling Japanese food products in Hong Kong. In the 1970s, Nansen Trading was passed on to Mr. Chow Sing Lam, son of Mr. Chow Fook Bun, and he has been the Chairman of the company since then.

Besides selling prominent Japanese food products, such as Kikkoman soy sauce and Hakutsuru Sake, to name a few, Nansen Trading has been the agent for Miwon, one of the biggest Monosodium Glutatmate makers in Korea, and distributor of Lee Kum Kee products in Hong Kong. We have supplied these diverse food products to customers ranging from F&B catering groups, supermarkets, fast food chains and wholesalers all over the world including China, Australia, Central America, South Africa and Vietnam. One of Nansen Trading's milestones is the introduction of Miyakoichi Nama Udon to Hong Kong back in the early 1980s, and it has been one of the best selling udon brands in HK since then.

Our Vision

Back in the 1950s, Hong Kong people were not familiar with Japanese food products, and Nansen Trading is proud to be one of the first trading companies, who was committed to promoting Japanese food products in Hong Kong.

Nansen Trading has more than 60 years experiences in distributing authentic food culture and products from different countries in Southeast Asia such as Japan, Korea and China. Through our well established distribution networks and efficient marketing strategies , we will continue our best effort to work with world-class suppliers in bringing wide range of delectable food products to Hong Kong and China.